[Zope3-Users] Changing object type in Object field.

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Wed Sep 6 05:42:31 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 04 July 2006 05:58, thealx at poczta.onet.pl wrote:
> *First question*: is this design (delegation to subobject implementing
> specific interface) reasonable, or in Zope I should do that other way?


> *Second question*: Can object implementing IDueDateDecider (inherited from
> IDecider) be used in decider field (which has specified schema=IDecider)?
> How to ensure that proper schema (i.e IDueDateDecider instead of IDecider)
> will be displayed in ObjectWidget?

Well, you would need to write a specialized interface for IMyObject, such as 

> *Third question*: What way would you suggest to allow web user dynamically
> 'switch' decider object in MyObject (i.e change a kind of decision, for
> example from IInactivityDecider to IDueDateDecider) - preferably using
> formlib-based view?

Sure. formlib works. You just have to implement a mechanism for adding 
different IDecider objects. In the ZMI this is a common use case. So 
basically what you want is a set of "IDeciderFactory" obejcts that are 
registered as utilities. You then select which factory you want to use. The 
factory can also provide the schema to use for the form.

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