[Zope3-Users] Zope 3 Distilled book update 3

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Wed Sep 6 10:19:01 EDT 2006

One way is to use the US Patent and Trademark website search.  Here is a 
link to a search for Addison-Wesley in ALL fields.... there is no mention 
of "distilled" being registered as a word mark (not trademark, those are 
for logos and such).


Or just go to the USPTO home:  http://www.uspto.gov/   and click on 
Trademarks and then Search.

It looks to me like using Distilled is fine here.  If a lawyerly letter 
comes your way asking you to cease and desist someday, write back saying 
"Oh, I'm so sorry, but if you can please refer me to the serial number and 
registration number for your U.S. word mark registration with which my use 
of "Zope 3 Distilled" is in conflict, so that I can refer this to my 
attorneys, I would be ever so grateful.  However I cannot possibly take any 
action based solely on your kind letter alone.  I look forward to hearing 
from you again.   XOX, Baiju."


At 09:49 AM 9/6/2006, Baiju M wrote:
>On 9/6/06, Benji York <benji at zope.com> wrote:
>>Baiju M wrote:
>> >       (This is about : http://kpug.zwiki.org/Zope3Distilled)
>>I recommend you verify that you can use the "Distilled" name.  I believe
>>computer book titles of that form are protected by an Addison-Wesley
>How can I verify this. There are some titles from  Addison-Wesley.
>But there is one from Apress also:
>Baiju M
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