[Zope3-Users] PAU, how to grant roles to groups

Denis Shaposhnikov dsh at vlink.ru
Thu Sep 7 09:42:50 EDT 2006


I'm exploring PAU and have a question. I've added PAU to
`++etc++site/default` of my site and have added Group and Principal
Folders (named `groups` and `users`) to it.

I know, how to map permission to role. I can do it via ZCML. But my
question is how to map groups from Group Folder of my PAU to role? I
know that ZCML's <grant> can map role to principal. Is any group from
Group Folder a principal? Can I use group's name as principal id in
<grant> block? If I could, whats name exactly I have to use,
`PAUs_prefix+group_name` or just group name?

For example, I've made PAU with prefix `myapp.` and group named
`groups.admin`. Is it correct to use


or I have to use



May be I absolutelly wrong? Could someone explain me how to use PAU
right way?


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