[Zope3-Users] Problem with containers

FB fbo2 at gmx.net
Fri Sep 15 03:56:55 EDT 2006


On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 04:38:15PM -0700, Rob Campbell wrote:
> Hello,
> I just recently started trying out Zope 3.  My first test project is a
> few containers that can contain other containers or an object.  They are
> laid out as follows:
> FosterRecord
> -> FosterSource
>     -> Foster
>     -> FosterGroup
>        -> Foster


> I start adding containers and objects to create this structure through
> the ZMI.  When I am ready to add a FosterGroup or a Foster to a
> FosterSource, I do not get any options for them in the add menu.  I
> haven't been able to find what is causing it.  I would guess it has
> something to do with the constraints.

My guess is that you forgot to define <browser:addForm>s for your classes.



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