[Zope3-Users] Re: Writing tests for views

Darryl Cousins darryl at darrylcousins.net.nz
Sat Sep 23 19:50:15 EDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 01:37 +0200, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> George Lee wrote:
> > I am trying to write a test for a view, and making sure that an object I've
> > created is associated with the correct view. But either of these lines fails
> > with a ComponentLookupError "Couldn't find view":
> > 
> > view = getView(self.event1, 'daterange_display', self.request)
> > view = getViewProviding(self.event1, IDateRangeDisplay, self.request)
> Use getMultiAdapter. These things are deprecated.

Which would look something like this:

>>> view = zapi.getMultiAdapter((self.event1, self.request), name="daterange_display")

To register the view in python for a non-functional doctest something
like this would work (maybe someone can correct me, because I've got
IBrowserRequest twice in there but it does work):

>>> component.provideAdapter(YourViewClass, [IYourInterface, IBrowserRequest],  \
... IBrowserRequest, name='daterange_display')

> > even though in a page template that I view through the web,
> > 
> > context/@@daterange_display
> > 
> > retrieves the correct view. What am I doing incorrectly?
> Well, is the test a functional test? Only functional tests have all the 
> configuration loaded. Otherwise you'll have to register the view first 
> before you can test its lookup.
> By the way, testing views is best done with zope.testbrowser these days.

Yes. But all the same I do use a quick doctest to check that the view
class behaves as expected before going on to testbrowser functional
tests (which take longer to run). I save a bit of time then catching
silly import and syntax errors and tuning the view class.


> > Thanks -- I know I've asked a flood of questions today!
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