[Zope3-Users] filter possibilities

Rupert Redington rupert at neontribe.co.uk
Tue Sep 26 07:46:16 EDT 2006

I'm no expert on this... In fact I often find myself struggling to get
cataloging in Zope3 to do what I want in a painless way (which is
probably why hurry exists...). Experts please correct me if I'm doing
anything objectionable...

I'm assuming that you've got an IntIds utility and a catalog,
and I'm assuming that in your catalog is a FieldIndex which uses

If not the following _may_ provide a little help:
    from zope.app.catalog.interfaces import ICatalog
    from zope.app.catalog.catalog import Catalog
    from zope.app.catalog.field import FieldIndex
    from zope.app.dublincore.interfaces import IZopeDublinCore
    from zope.app.component.hooks import getSite
    from zope.app.component.site import UtilityRegistration
    from zope.app.component.interfaces.registration import ActiveStatus
    from zope.component import provideUtility

    # Find your site's manager and get the default tool folder
    sm = getSite().getSiteManager()
    smf = sm['default']
    # make a catalog and put it in the folder
    catalog = Catalog()
    smf['My Catalog'] = catalog

    # Register the new catalog so that its available for use
    reg = UtilityRegistration('', ICatalog, catalog)
    reg.status = ActiveStatus

    # Use provide utility so that the catalog is ready for use
    provideUtility(catalog, ICatalog)

    # Add a Field index which will catalog the creation time of objects
    index = FieldIndex('created', IZopeDublinCore)
    catalog['Date Created'] = index

Once your catalog has indexes and they're indexing objects then you can
start trying queries. Here's an attempt at a query to find all indexed
objects created in the last 10 days:

    from zope.app.catalog.interfaces import ICatalog
    from hurry.query.interfaces import IQuery
    from hurry.query import Ge
    import datetime

    #Grab our catalog and query utilities
    catalog = getUtility(ICatalog)
    query = getUtility(IQuery)

    # make a tuple to tell hurry which catalog and index we want to use
    index = (catalog, 'Date Created')

    # make a datetime object (in my timezone) to find out when
    # 10 days ago was...
    now = datetime.datetime.now(pytz.timezone('GB'))
    then = now - datetime.timedelta(10)

    results = query.searchResults(Ge(index, then))

Good Luck,


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