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Ivan Horvath i.horvath at alco.co.hu
Thu Sep 28 04:51:30 EDT 2006

Dear Martijn,

thank you for your answer.

the query.Text (TextIndex) search is working now
but i miss the "query.NotText" - i mean to search for NOT a value
how this could be possible?

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On 26/09/2006 at 16:32 Martijn Faassen wrote:

>Ivan Horvath wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> i have to provide some filter function in our system.
>> i've checked the hurry.query solution
>> e.g.
>> obj1.property = "As Built Documentation"
>> obj2.property = "Planning Documentation"
>> obj3.property = "As Built Drawing"
>> i would like to filter my objects in the following ways:
>> filter for substring.
>> when i make a filter for this property with the following expr.: "As
>> i would like to get obj1, obj3 back as result
>> how is it possible? query.Eq or AnyOf doesn't give back anything.
>You may want to look at hurry.query.Text. If you index something using a 
>full text index (from zope.app.catalog.text import TextIndex) you can do 
>such partial matching.
>This does presume you do have the intids and catalog all set up in your 
>own code. Does hurry.query.Eq work when you feed it a complete text, 
>such as "As Built Documentation"?
>It may also be that you want to reorganize your objects slightly so that 
>you have *two* fields, one 'As Built' and one 'Document' or 'Drawing'. 
>It could be that you're trying to put information into one field that 
>really should be in multiple fields. If you do that, you can use the 
>Field index and query.Eq.
>Good luck!

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