[Zope3-Users] Re: Versionitis with psycopgda Again

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Thu Sep 28 10:09:28 EDT 2006

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Greetings.  The last time I was matching up psycopgda with a new Zope 
> installation, I was informed I should not be using the tarball for 1.0.0 
> on zope.org but instead using the psycopgda at the subversion head.  
> Doing so worked fine with Zope 3.2.1.
> Today I need to install another Zope 3.2.1 but the head of that 
> subversion repository has moved on and no longer works.  It appears to 
> have been updated for Zope 3.3.0, with zope.app.rdb moved under zope.app 
> (a good thing), and I'm not yet able to jump this site to that version 
> of Zope.
> Studying the psycopgda repository for branches/tags I figured there was 
> a tag set to match psycopgda with each Zope version released, but no 
> luck.  There are no tags at all in several years.

The package has obviously been poorly maintained. Are you a contributor 
yet, Jeff? :)

> Any suggestions?  With the popularity of psycopg + Zope3, any chance we 
> could get psycopgda added into the Zope3 distribution to mitigate this 
> chasing?

I don't think that can happen. We're thinking about making the core 
smaller, not bigger :). Also, not everyone has or needs psycopg, so the 
testing would become a burden.

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