[Zope3-Users] Re: Versionitis with psycopgda Again

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Fri Sep 29 08:34:42 EDT 2006

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Jeff Rush wrote:
>> Studying the psycopgda repository for branches/tags I figured there 
>> was a tag set to match psycopgda with each Zope version released, but 
>> no luck.  There are no tags at all in several years.
> The package has obviously been poorly maintained. Are you a contributor 
> yet, Jeff? :)

A good question considering what I'm wrestling with at the moment.  I would 
very much like to get involved.  At PyCon I filled out the contributor form, 
got write access and got too busy to use it (plus it was during the quiet time 
before the 3.3.0 release).  Now my ssh key isn't working, so I need to see 
someone about resetting it.  But with the Zope Foundation situation, I may 
very well need to sign a new contributor form to do that, but I'm not sure.

I also would like to create a new project on svn.zope.org, to contain the 
various Zope3 components I'm creating for the Python advocacy effort.  However 
I'm not sure whether I can just create another "z3c.advocacy" namespace or 
"myname.advocacy".  Is there a requirement that everything on svn.zope.org be 
licensed under the ZPL?  The PSF would like what I produce to be under either 
the Apache or Artistic license.  If the license is a problem I can use 
svn.python.org instead I suppose, but the components are of a general nature 
and I'd like to contribute them to the Zope community.

Poking around svn.zope.org, I've got a question regarding how you avoid 
overwrite conflicts on the file "z3c/__init__.py" file.  I see different 
projects using different such files, some with code in them (extfile).  If 
several z3c components are installed in a site, it seems that file is a 
hotspot of contention.

>> Any suggestions?  With the popularity of psycopg + Zope3, any chance 
>> we could get psycopgda added into the Zope3 distribution to mitigate 
>> this chasing?
> I don't think that can happen. We're thinking about making the core 
> smaller, not bigger :). Also, not everyone has or needs psycopg, so the 
> testing would become a burden.

Understandable.  By the way, revision 40054 is the one that works with Zope 
3.2.1 and I'd like to put a meaningful tag on that when I get access.  I've 
also got a simple patch to psycopgda that lets it use psycopg2 and fallback to 
psycopg1 if not found.  It's been working great here for almost a year, with 


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