[Zope3-Users] Why in apidoc, I don't found the interface must be implemented to be register by IntIds ?

KLEIN Stéphane klein.stephane at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 17:06:30 EDT 2006

I read IntIds apidoc, I see :

#  register(ob)
Interface : zope.app.intid.interfaces.IIntIdsSet
Permissions : zope.ManageContent (lecture), non disponible (écriture)

in lib/python/zope/app/intid/tests.py I see :

class P(Persistent):

and too far :

        u = IntIds()
        obj = P()

        uid = u.register(obj)

When, in debugzope I test :

        u = IntIds()
        obj = object()

        uid = u.register(obj)

this don't work.

Where can I found documentation about IntIds ?


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