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Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Mon Jan 8 03:45:07 EST 2007

On Friday 22 December 2006 13:13, David Pratt wrote:
> A second issue I noticed is checking out dotted namespace folder on my
> Mac. I have been following some well established z3 patterns and package
> structures. What I have discovered in checking out a hierarchy from svn,
> folders with dotted names with .app and .menu will have Mac thinking
> they are part of a native Mac application. Needless to say, one doesn't
> normally need to check out a hierarchy - but it had me wondering if
> consideration ought be given to renaming the dotted folders to include
> an underscore ie. ( zope.app_ or namespace.menu_) to potentially avoid
> the Mac issue.

Oooh, no. You could try to bring it up on zope3-dev, but I vote -1.

> I had two issues using pysvn to export sources that resulted in an error
> of 'inconsistent newlines Code: 00020f58'.
> http://svn.zope.org/Zope3/trunk/src/zope/i18n/locales/data/hi.xml
> http://svn.zope.org/zc.selenium/trunk/src/zc/selenium/resources/iedoc.xml

That seems really strange. The locale files are from ICU, and I would hope 
that they are consistent.

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