[Zope3-Users] question about ftesting.zcml

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Mon Jan 8 03:17:34 EST 2007

On Friday 10 November 2006 10:07, Shailesh Kumar wrote:
> A small question about functional testing.
> What is the purpose of ftesting.zcml ?

It loads some directives that you only want to be available during functional 
tests. For example, it creates special principals, so that the tests are 
always the same. We are also often registering package-specific extensions by 
placing pacakge.path-ftesting.zcml files into package-includes. This is 
useful to register fake Mailing or Relation Database Adapter utilities.

> Do I need to put something in this 
> file for running functional tests? Or it needs to have just
> <configure></configure>?

Just leave it as it is.

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