[Zope3-Users] Name chooser and Renaming

David Johnson djohnson at jsatech.com
Wed Jan 10 06:03:14 EST 2007

Okay.  Since I didn't get a response I assumed no one else knew  
either.  I figured out the following:
1. Since I have a custom container that is derived from IContainer,  
it is already configured as a IContainerNamesContainer, and if I  
override chooseName() and checkName(), I get the desired effect of  
choosing my own names.
2. I did not adapt my container to IContainerNamesContainer, and so  
Rename is now enabled.  This I do not understand, but it works.
3. I put a custom template in the browser:addform directive.  The  
template was a copy of the zope.app.form.browser.add template, but I  
edited out the "Object Name" field.

I have the desired effect. All seems to work very well.

On Jan 8, 2007, at 6:24 PM, David Johnson wrote:

> Is it possible to have both a NameChooser and an ObjectRenamer. If  
> so...how?  It seems that zope.app.container.browser contents.py has  
> the following code:
>         self.supportsRename = (
>             self.supportsCut and
>             not IContainerNamesContainer.providedBy(self.context)
>             )
> So if you have a name chooser then you cannot rename.  I would like  
> users to be able to choose the name of object (within certain basic  
> restrictions which is why I want the name chooser), and then be  
> able to rename the object within the same conditions.
> Thoughts?
> --
> David
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