[Zope3-Users] recipe for handling of SMTPRecipientsRefused

Sascha Ottolski sascha.ottolski at lalisio.com
Tue Jan 16 12:11:53 EST 2007

Hi there,

the default QueuedMailDelivery is not very smart when it comes to error 
handling. If a mail with a problematic recipient address made its way 
in to the queue, it will sit there forever, and the 
QueueProcessorThread will try to send it out every so often, until one 
takes manual action. Obviously it would be nice it this could be 
automized. My be someone's got a hint?

In fact I'm wondering if this particular case might simply be a 
mis-configuration issue: I would think the mailserver (postfix) on 
localhost should queue the mail and handle that problem, instead of 
rejecting it in the first place (in my concrete example, the recipient 
has a remote domain that apparently does not exist).

However, I think other situations will arrive were the queueprocessor 
should be in charge to handle it, if only by counting the failures for 
a queued mail and giving up on it after x tries.

Thanks, Sascha

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