[Zope3-Users] interview for my diploma thesis about Zope 3 in education

Dominique Lederer dominique.lederer at inode.at
Mon Jan 22 07:08:53 EST 2007

Hello list!

currently i am writing my diploma thesis at the University of Applied
Science in Austria, Vienna.
The topic is about the usage of Python and Zope (3) in education.
There are a lot of papers concerning Python and education, but i found
not much about Zope there. So this seems an interesting topic to discuss.

For my diploma thesis, i would like to ask you to anwer or discuss a few
questions, to see, what you think about this.
(of course i will cite all the stuff)

Here they are:

* Do you think Zope (3) can be used at school or university level to
support topics in computer science education? What topics would you
recommend? Why?

* How would you convince someone who is in charge to use Zope 3 in his

* How do you see Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) related to
Zope 3? What are the differences? Is Zope 3 an alternative for other
component based frameworks in the industry and why?

* How do you see the future of Zope? Where do you (want to) see it in 2

thank you very much

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