[Zope3-Users] Access to request in content object and object path in doctests

Maciej Wisniowski maciej.wisniowski at coig.katowice.pl
Fri Jan 26 08:13:31 EST 2007

> 2. Generally you will want to create content with methods that can
> perform the database operations you would like.  For example, I
> recently created a Container/Folder that contains object from a
> database.  The container is persistent.  The container however loads
> the content from an SQL database. I can then edit and view the objects
> from the SQL database like ZODB objects.  I have some code that I can
> share here.
I'm interested in it! If you can send it to me or publish somewhere I
would be really gratefull.

> In another example, which may suite your needs, I created a Zope site
> in which customers can lookup orders by an order id.  My content
> object is effectively a class "Order", which has a method,
> "getOrderById", and that takes an order id as the parameter. 
> getOrderById() queries the database and returns the order as a
> dictionary.  
Yup, that's similiar to what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to create
something general for this kind of forms (with caching etc). I had
something like that in Zope 2.x.

Thanks for the pointers.

Maciej Wisniowski

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