[Zope3-Users] Re: zc.buildout and unreleased eggs in svn

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Mon Jan 29 05:08:36 EST 2007

Jim Fulton wrote:
>> easy_install lets me specify an egg from svn, e.g.:
>>  $ easy_install 
>> http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/ZopeSkel/trunk#egg=ZopeSkel-dev
> Hm, interesting.  I thought I had seen something like that, but I've
> never been able to find documentation for it.  Do you know where this
> is documented?


> Does this example actually work?

No, it doesn't. The format is #egg=<EGG>-<VERSION>. We use it currently 
on the CheeseShop page for grok and grokproject. You can easy_install 
these two even though there's no release. Setuptools will simply get 
them from SVN from the URLs that have the "#egg=..." thing.


>> I have a zc.buildout recipie that specifies a number of eggs that 
>> should always be fetched from svn.
> I wonder what that should mean.

I suppose he wants zc.buildout to take over for what we are currently 
using svn:externals.

>  > These are not (yet) in the cheeseshop.
>> Is there some way of specifying such eggs, e.g.
>> [buildout]
>> parts = ...
>> eggs =
>>   http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/ZopeSkel/trunk#egg=ZopeSkel-dev
>> Of course, that doesn't work :)
>> I suppose this is somewhat similar to develop-eggs, but (as far as I 
>> know) these have to be in the src/ directory, and can't be fetched 
>> from svn and kept up to date automatically. We currently do this with 
>> svn externals to fetch them into src/ but I'd like to be able to 
>> distribute a standalone buildout.cfg that could get these eggs.
> I agree that something like this would be useful.  I would like to
> see the semantics spelled out.  For example, I agree that this should
> lead to a develop egg.  What version should it have? Should that
> be determined by the remote setup.py file?  Is the project you point
> to required to have a setup.py file?  If so, then why specify a
> project name after the #.

You guys are confusing the "dev" version with the concept of a 
"development egg". Installing the "dev" version of an egg will not 
necessarily lead to a development egg. It just simply means it'll get 
the latest development version, presumably from svn, and install that. 
As far as I understand, a development egg can only be "created" using 
python setup.py develop, meaning, you should get the source code yourself.

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