[Zope3-Users] Annotations when creating a Principal

Kevin Gill (Newaddress) Kevin.gill at newaddress.ie
Wed May 9 14:34:02 EDT 2007


I am following the example in chapter 22 of Philipps book. I am setting
up the PAU so that new users can register with the site. I am extending
the example so that the information entered when creating the Principal
is copied to the Annotations. Thus I can present the user with a one
step sign-up.

I have changed the code on creating the new principal. I retrieve the
principal, adapt it to the IMemberInfo class and set the email
Annotation to the login name. Here is the code.

        principal_id = folder.signUp(login, password, title)

        pau = getUtility(IAuthentication)

        pi = PrincipalInfo(principal_id, login, title, u'')
        factory = FoundPrincipalFactory(pi)
        principal = factory(pau)

        memberinfo = IMemberInfo(principal)
        memberinfo.email = login

This code runs but the metadata change is not saved to the database.

My questions are ...

Can I set metadata on an object in the interaction in which the object
is being created?

I am assuming that the principal returned by the FoundPrincipalFactory
is the same as a normal principal when the use is logged in. Is this
assumption valid?

Is the meta data approach the best approach? Would it be easier to
replace the InternalPrincipal with a content object which contains my
new data?  If I do that can I access that data via the standard
principal machinery?

Thanks in advance

Kevin Gill

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