[Zope3-Users] Small skinning question...

Thierry Florac thierry.florac at onf.fr
Thu May 10 06:14:24 EDT 2007


I'm building a new application with Zope3.
In this application, I can use several skins :
 - for all "back-office" and management pages, a single skin is used ;
it's defined via an Apache rewrite rule on a specific virtual host
 - for front-office pages, the applied skin can be chosen by each
"subsite" administrator between a set of skins made available to him.

My idea is to use the "IBeforeTraverseEvent" on the "site" container,
and to apply the selected skin when I'm on a front-office page.
So my question is simple : can I know easilly (without hardcoding
virtual hosts, in fact) if I'm on a back-office page or not and, in
fact, if a specific skin has already been applied ?

Thanks for any help,

  Thierry Florac
  Chef de projet intranet/internet
  Office National des Forêts - Département Informatique
  2, Avenue de Saint-Mandé
  75570 PARIS Cedex 12
  Mél : thierry.florac at onf.fr
  Tél. : +33
  Fax. : +33

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