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Aleksey Ganzha tretiy3 at yahoo.com
Sun May 20 15:32:54 EDT 2007

Hello everebody.
  Trying to use Catalog with the package based on S.Richter messageboard example.
  Add Catalog via ZMI. Add UniqueId Utility. Add Text index, with the interface ISearchableText, callable field searchable_title. Write adapter:implements(ISearchableText), adapts(IMessage), def searchable_title … return self.context.title.
  Ok. After adding messages i can reindex my catalog, and numbers of documents and words are increased. I can do it from zmi and from code. I can also call DocCount() and WordCount() from code. It works. But I can`t call aplly() or searchResult() L Got: Forbidden attribute: apply. It looks like that only the methods which have permission: ManageServices (I can see it via  Introspector) are working. What about the others? Their permissions are: n/a but cant call em, even with the manager rights. Where I did the mistake?

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