[Zope3-Users] Blog naming proposals

Jegenye 2001 Bt (Miklós Prisznyák) jegenye2001 at jegenye.com
Mon May 28 16:24:35 EDT 2007


Explanation:  "Napló" stands for  "diary" in Hungarian and blog is
translated as "webnapló".   "Naplóz" means "he keeps a diary", or "he makes
a diary entry".  So we have the obnoxious z (hehe :p ) and  a  very low
Google hit (244) and nothing similarly named. ;)


2007/5/28, Florian Lindner <mailinglists at xgm.de>:
> What ideas have you for Zope3 blog package, what would you choose?
> Regards,
> Florian
Best regards,
   Miklós Prisznyák
   Principal Consultant, owner
   Jegenye 2001 Bt
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