[Zope3-Users] Re: formdemo & z3c questions

George Wright georgewr at bigpond.net.au
Mon May 28 18:18:15 EDT 2007

Sorry I didn't  alter the subject heading in my last missive! It  
might have gone un-noticed.
So here it is again:

These are all questions originating from my limited experience with
zope3 and zero experience with development: ...
I did run the formdemo and was most impressed. During the download phase
all of the z3c and zc packages listed as includes in site.zcml had to
be downloaded as well as plenty of updates of my zope 3.3.0
installation. For example there were many many cycles like this:

zc.buildout.easy_install: Getting new distribution for zope.i18n
zc.buildout.easy_install: Got zope.i18n 3.4.0a1

Previously I had no zc, z3c packages installed.
How do I make these new or updated packages available via my regular
Zope 3 instances? Is that a legit thing to do? Is it just a matter of
including the demo in PYTHONPATH? How do you folks at the sharp end
of zope development tie in the old with the new?
I realise that I don't understand  the relationship between zc, z3c
and zope3?  Am I correct to assume that zc & z3c are packages under
development that will eventually migrate to zope 3 ? That zope 3.3.1
(which I don't have) might have included most of the new zope
distributions I downloaded as well as some others of the z3c kind
renamed to zope?? Is that the way it works?
Would appreciate enlightenment.
Since writing the above I have worked out how to pick up the new  
packages in Python interactive >
$ cd ~/formdemo
$ ~/formdemo/parts/form-demo-app/debugzope -C ~/formdemo/parts/demo/ 
(NOTE the -C flag above allows the named zope.conf file to be used)

Welcome to the Zope 3 "debugger".
The application root object is available as the root variable.
A Zope debugger instance is available as the debugger (aka app)  

 >>> from z3c.form import button
 >>> dir(button)
['Button', 'ButtonAction', 'ButtonActionHandler', 'ButtonActions',  
'Buttons', 'FieldProperty', 'Handler', 'Handlers', '__builtins__',  
'__doc__', '__docformat__', '__file__', '__name__', 'action',  
'adapter', 'buttonAndHandler', 'handler', 'interfaces', 'submit',  
'sys', 'util', 'zope']

Ok. But I have yet to find out how to create a new zope3 Instance  
that has access to all the formdemo packages. Or indeed how to use  
these packages in an existing zope3 instance?
Can someone tell me how to do that lot?

George Wright

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