[Zope3-Users] passing constructor args to BooleanRadioWidget in formlib

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Wed May 30 12:34:46 EDT 2007

On Sunday 27 May 2007 09:14, roymathew at bellsouth.net wrote:
> Hi all.. I'd like to use a BooleanRadioWidget in my formlib; I can say:    
>   IMyForm['foo'].custom_widget = BooleanRadioWidget
> but don't see how I can override the default true/false constructor
> args (currently they are ('on','off') and I'd like them to be
> ('yes','no'). Short of subclassing my RadioWidget, is there a way?

The best would be to write a function like this:

def MyBooleanWidget(field, request):
    return BooleanRadioWidget(field, request, true='yes', false='no')

 IMyForm['foo'].custom_widget = MyBooleanWidget

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