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Roger Ineichen dev at
Thu Apr 10 05:17:05 EDT 2008

Hi Malte

> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] z3c.form query widget
> I've searched and not found a z3c.form-widget that can 
> support a source that supports text queries (a la Plone's 
> uberselectionwidget).
> The spec is not defined in Zope, but it's basically:
>    class IQuerySource(ISource):
>        def search(query_string):
>            """Return values that matches query."""
> In the USW, the widget renders an input field and if 
> applicable, a list of results from which you can make your choice.

Sounds great!

> I think this widget should live in z3c.widget.
> Hints/suggestions?


Use the new namespace z3c.formwidget
and add a package like z3c.formwidget.xy for this 
new package.

We like to define each widget in it's own package
with all it's requirements. This will become important
if someone likes to add dependency to other most the 
time not needed packages.

z3c.formwidget whould be a namspace for all future
z3c.form based widgets.

The existing z3c.widget folder contains only 
zope.formlib widgets.

Roger Ineichen

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