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Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
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Am Montag, 14. April 2008 19:17 schrieb Jonathan:
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> > Slightly off-topic: What mobile browsers that support XHTML don't
> > support cookies these days? Don't need an accurate answer but I'm
> > curious about rough numbers.
> Here is an interesting read on mobile web site authoring
> http://www.passani.it/gap/.  It indicates that '80%' of devices have some
> level/form of cookie support.

Thanks, that's an interesting read! It's astonishing, how bad standards are 
implemented in mobile browsers. The summary seems to be to either use 
adaptation, which means to optimize the code to a variety of browsers/phone 
models (recommended way) or to use a very limited subset, a least common 
denomiator. Things that are not recommended to use for mobile pages are such 
simple things such as:

- Use only simple inline-CSS or none
- Do not try to colour links
- Cookies are not reliable
- Page caching may lead to problems

> Hermann, as a test you could try setting a cookie, do an http redirect and
> see if your cookie is accessible.

Yes that's an option, thanks. However, it seems, the better praxis is to 
entirely avoid cookies for mobile clients and store a session key in the URL.

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