[Zope3-Users] TextIndexNG ranking questions

Thierry Florac thierry.florac at onf.fr
Tue Apr 15 10:47:55 EDT 2008

Le mardi 15 avril 2008 à 14:03 +0200, Andreas Jung a écrit :
> Intersection is likely possible. However I don't know about the 
> implementation of hurry.catalog or the other related Zope 3 components.
> Performing two queries and intersecting the results (e.g. given by paths,
> UIDs or whatever) is basically supported through the various BTree types
> or Zope or by Python's set module..

Intersecting is possible, but BTrees and sets dont support ordering...
So I suppose that I have to convert search results to lists and to
merge/intersect them manually...
Or, given a set (containing final results set intersection) and a list
(containing TextIndexNG results, ordered by ranking), is it possible to
EFFICIENTLY get items of the set in the order in which they are stored
in the list ??


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