[Zope3-Users] "raise Redir(newurl)" not working - can someone confirm this?

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
Sat Apr 19 06:20:11 EDT 2008

In my application, namely for URL-Rewriting for session handling, I need to 
stop the current request and redirect to another url (including the session 

For that reason, I issue the following statement:

from zope.publisher.interfaces import Redirect
raise Redirect('http://my.new.url')

Theoretically, this exception should be caught by the publisher and a redirect 
should be done, unfortunately not in my case:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/local/home/dusty/Zope-3.4.0c1/lib/python/zope/publisher/publish.py", 
line 130, in publish
    obj = request.traverse(obj)
  File "/home/dusty/prog/zope3-inst/lib/python/my_app/session.py", line 72, in 
    raise Redirect(redir_url)
Location: /++session++VLdODjCYl90YmQwdNG6hvdiT11UZS3oly5kXonWYLHdGHloxvTshQs/favicon.ico

I don't know why this happens, *maybe* that's due to inclusion of some 3rd 
party packages, e.g. z3c.layer.pagelet?

To confirm this, I'd like to know if this scenario is only happening for me, 
so, can you please simply insert the above statement in some arbitrary view 
and tell me if it works?

Best Regards,

hermann at qwer.tk
GPG key ID: 299893C7 (on keyservers)
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