AW: [Zope3-Users] "raise Redir(newurl)" not working - can someoneconfirm this?

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at
Sat Apr 19 11:17:13 EDT 2008

Am Samstag, 19. April 2008 14:05 schrieb Roger Ineichen:
> Hi Hermann
> > Betreff: [Zope3-Users] "raise Redir(newurl)" not working -
> > can someoneconfirm this?
> >
> > Hi,
> > In my application, namely for URL-Rewriting for session
> > handling, I need to stop the current request and redirect to
> > another url (including the session key).
> >
> > For that reason, I issue the following statement:
> >
> > from zope.publisher.interfaces import Redirect raise
> > Redirect('')
> I always use self.request.response.redirect(url)

I normally do, too. But in this special case, it must not happen that some 
later code calls self.request.response.redirect() and therefore overwrites my 

Due to the problems with the Render exception, I experimented with 
self.request.response.redirect() and it seems to be overwritten, which leads 
in some way I don't fully understand to endless recursions/redirecting.

However, this endless recursion has something to do with virtual hosts; 
Something smells fishy there, too, as application names are not added to 
request._app_names if ++vh++ is specified at the URL, instead, namespaces 
like "++lang++" etc. remain in request._traversed_names.

One can easily see this by inserting something like this in his view code:

print request.getTraversalStack()
print request._traversed_names
print request._app_names

And then by accessing a site directly and via a virtual host (e.g. Zope3 
behind Apache) and comparing the values. (Something 
like "++skin++" / "++lang++" should be in the URL to see it.)

Either there is something buggy in Zope3/virtual hosts or things happen which 
I don't understand...

> > /++session++VLdODjCYl90YmQwdNG6hvdiT11UZS3oly5kXonWYLHdGHloxvT
> > shQs/favicon.ico
> > --------------
> Are you trying to redirect to the favicon.ico?

No, my case is quite simple: Mobile phones have only limited/buggy cookie 
support, therefore I rewrite the URL and store a session key there (as shown 
above). What I did is to simply create my ClientIdManager, which inherits 
from CookieClientIdManager, where I overwrote the getClientId() method.

> > I don't know why this happens, *maybe* that's due to
> > inclusion of some 3rd party packages, e.g. z3c.layer.pagelet?
> >
> > To confirm this, I'd like to know if this scenario is only
> > happening for me, so, can you please simply insert the above
> > statement in some arbitrary view and tell me if it works?
> I'm not 100% sure but,
> Note, if you use redirect you have to take care when you
> are doing this. You can only do this in the view call
> but not if the pagelet renders the template, because that's
> too late. This is not pagelet specific, that's also the case
> if you render a template in a BrowserPage?

Well, I do this very early, namely in the ClientIdManager, that's I think 
before pages are rendered. But, perhaps, that's too early?

Best Regards,

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