[Zope3-Users] Re: [Zope-dev] Zope 3.4.0 candidate 1 Released

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Fri Feb 1 12:04:15 EST 2008

Stephan Richter a écrit :
> Not responding to anyone in particular:
> I see there are plenty people with opinions. I would love not to do the Zope 3 
> releases anymore! I am tired of the endless discussions.
> Think I am frustrated? Absolutely!
> All the suggestions made here require more work, more manpower. But there is 
> nobody doing the work. In fact, I am not even officially the release manager 
> anymore. Remember, other people took over that job, because they wanted to do 
> a release every 6 months? I said back then: Forget it. Nobody believed me and 
> now it has been almost a year since the 3.3.1 release. The only reason I am 
> doing the releases is to tell the world that we are still out there, 
> improving the framework. 

I believe the reason of your frustration comes from the fact there are probably 
not so many people who fully understand the whole release process, the kgs, the 
buildout, how things are scattered into all these eggs, and all the technology 
surrounding the transition that zope is going through.
I'm not here for a long time and I had to spend hours reading docs and searching 
every single bit of information in the svn.

The transition seems now achieved and the most important thing is to have a 
dedicated web site with clear information, so that there are new users, and new 
contributors. When someone goes to the zope.org homepage, there is nothing about 
zope3, just a single link in the left menu. I've heard that some people have 
started working on a new web site. Who is doing that job, what is the current 
status, and what can we do to help?


> And Tom/SchoolTool is the perfect example why this 
> has to be done.
> Regards,
> Stephan

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