[Zope3-Users] SessionCredentialsPlugin + z3c.pagelets/z3c.form

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
Mon Feb 4 12:53:08 EST 2008

I'm currently trying to integrate the SessionCredentialsPlugin with 
z3c.pagelets / z3c.form. I currently set up a simple z3c.form-based login 
page and configured the loginfield/passwordfield 
to "form.widgets.login/password". Now I can login, but I still have some 

1) I'd like to be redirected to the login field when the user accesses 
unauthorized pages. This seems not to work as there is the following error:

TypeError: There isn't enough context to get URL information. This is probably 
due to a bug in setting up location information.

Moreover, I'd like to redirect the user to the original page, would I 
implement this in the form's update() method or somewhere else?

2) I'd like to display some error in the login page, e.g. "incorrect 
login/password combination" in case the user enters invalid data - how could 
this be handled?

3) How could I implement a logout button/page?

Best Regards,

hermann at qwer.tk
GPG key ID: 299893C7 (on keyservers)
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