AW: [Zope3-Users] eggsplosion again

Roger Ineichen dev at
Sun Feb 10 09:09:38 EST 2008

Hi Christophe

> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] eggsplosion again


> But I fear that in a near future we will need to start any 
> with :
> import zope.schema
> import foo.schema
> import bar.schema
> (...)
> import mycoolnamespace.schema

I agree with your point that the implementations are
found everywhere and that is hard to get the full picture
of what's available and what's not.

But I also think a package is not the right place to 
collect widgets or fields etc. Because this will very
quickly end in unmanagable dependencies.

I also think the PyPi or a new concept must be able to
show us what's available and what's not.

Roger Ineichen


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