[Zope3-Users] Re: z3ext

Nikolay Kim fafhrd at datacom.kz
Wed Feb 13 04:49:02 EST 2008

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 09:33 +0000, Martin Aspeli wrote:

> Cool! I signed up already.
here some usufull links

controlpanel http://z3ext.net/settings/
principals management http://z3ext.net/++principals++/
context view for content http://z3ext.net/context.html
content extensions http://z3ext.net/@@extensions.html
customization extension
one customized layout

> >> I have a dream that the various Zope 2 + Zope 3 CMS efforts will get 
> >> better at sharing components. Did you use/look at any of the plone.* 
> >> components from Plone 3 (that work on Zope 3 also)? 
> > no. as i understand plone.* is UI related code for plone? i use
> > completely different patterns for UI building.
> Not really. plone.app.* is the namespace we use for things that are 
> Plone "application"/UI specific. Things that could be reusable outside 
> Plone (either on plain Zope 3, plain Zope 2 or CMF) should live in 
> plone.*. plone.locking, for example, depends only on the WebDAV 
> implementation (not sure if that's Zope 2 specific, though); 
> plone.portlets and plone.contentrules should work in plain Zope 3 (the 
> former has been used in Grok). I'm sure there are others too.

Cool. but again i simply doesn't have enough time to check this :(

> >> Do you think any 
> >> parts of z3ext are useful in other systems?
> > yes, why not. for example z3ext.controlpanel powerful and easy to use configuration system
> > same for almost all other packages.
> Cool!
most of basic packages have tests so you can easy understand how they

> After my five-minute look at this system, I thought of this as "Plone 
> clone". If that's not how you want the system to be perceived, then 
> changing the skin would be a good start. The basic UI metaphors are 
> virtually all the same too.
> The Plone Foundation *may* have a problem with something that's not 
> Plone looking and feeling so close to Plone, because of brand and 
> trademark protection. I would at least have a word with the PF board 
> before promotion this using Plone's look and feel to avoid any confusion 
> or confrontation later.

i will change skin before official release.

> >> Is this just a theme for this one site, or is it the way that z3ext 
> >> looks without customisation?
> > z3ext.net is default skin without customization
> > 
> > recently i made http://www.alteringthefuture.com/ for my firend,
> > actually he did this. this site created only with TTW customization.
> Cool.
> I'm actually quite interested in what techniques you are using for TTW 
> customisation. Can you explain the model here in more detail?
main idea that we should allow customization only in very limited way
so i allow customize page template for layouts (building blocks)
that's all, no python code, only tal. if anyone wants add python code it
should be done in filesystem.
here link to one customized layout

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