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To date z3ext has some attractive features:
1) A convenient and fast way to create add-on products and use "configlet",
which gives us an opportunity to configure our custom product through
z3ext-control panel - without superfluous boilerplates.
2) By its own ideology visual customization using embedded in one another
layout (without the use of macros.)
3) A set of useful packages, some of which are already being used in some
projects (the old version).

Persistent layout - it is only an alternative choice for some users.
However, opinion designer, which customize first site, as far as I know, is
very positive. I.e. it has been easy.

Of course, requires a overview of the work of key z3ext packages for

2008/2/13, Christophe Combelles <ccomb at free.fr>:
> Nikolay Kim a écrit :
> > Seems not much interest in cms for zope3 in community.
> I'm sure everybody is enthousiastic about any new app or cms made with
> zope3.
> This is a valuable effort, and that's what is currently missing, apart
> from the
> doc, so people can have answers to: "what can I do with zope3? show me an
> example!". (there should be a page somewhere with all z3-powered apps)
> But you first need to let people have a little time to test it :)
> I've just quickly tried it for a few minutes, and it's probably not long
> enough
> to have a real idea, since it actually looks like a zmi or a plone.
> A really good thing would be to write a tutorial on how you created the
> site TTW
> for your friend, so you let the interesting parts appear by themselves.
> It's
> much quicker to read a small illustrative document than to try to wonder
> how to
> use the CMS.  Ok... I agree... writing docs is boring, compared to writing
> code,
> and it takes a lot of time :)
> Christophe
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