[Zope3-Users] Re: How do you develop in zope 3?

Jürgen Kartnaller juergen at kartnaller.at
Wed Feb 20 11:04:46 EST 2008

jdinunci at uc.edu.ve wrote:
> Hello, *
> How do you develop in zope 3?
> First a few words:
> After trying from time to time Zope 3 (X3, 3.0...) finally a month ago I
> jumped in full time. Thanks to Philipp von Weitershausen's book, my
> previous problems were solved. So I downloaded the zope 3 tar.gz and
> started to practice... only to discover eggs, buildouts, paster and
> friends (yes, pretty much I've been living under a programmer's rock).
> Well, no problem. After reading http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zopeproject/
> and http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zc.buildout I was on track again. So
> basically, what I do is:
>   # Create a virtual environment
>   $ python2.4 bin/virtual-python.py --prefix=~/zope3/
>   # install easy_setup
>   $ ~/zope3/bin/python bin/ez_setup.py
>   # Install zopeproject (of course, all these steps are made just once)
>   $ ~/zope/bin/easy_install zopeproject
>   # make the projects
>   $ ~/zope/bin/zopeproject webdev
> and then edit setup.py, buildout.cfg. and work in src/webdev. So long, so
> fine. But here come my doubts:
> *) Is it the way the experienced zope developers work? How do you set the
> environment for a site or a package development?

Except for the "zopeproject" thing it is the way we work, edit the 
buildout.cfg and setup.py for the project needs. We also have a 
versions.cfg and nail all versions to the known working versions. Only 
update versions if really needed.

> *) I'm working in more than a package. I'm developing a blog, a user
> manager, etc. Should I create a new project for each package? How do I
> include in my site (under development) my packages (under development)?

First of all each package should have it's full test environment to be 
able to developt the package independent of an application.

If you want to use the current develop version in you application just 
set the develop path to your local working copy of the package.

> *) What recipe do you use to fetch a package via svn?

We have no need to fetch packages using svn, we only use eggs. As stated 
above if you need to use a local develop version of a package we 
temporarily add a develop path for that package.


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