[Zope3-Users] When should I use z3c.macroviewlet?

Andreas Johnsen andreas.johnsen at bouvet.no
Wed Feb 27 03:37:07 EST 2008

Hei all Zopers,

I try to catch up with all the latest best practices on writing skins
and templates for Zope 3 - e.g. transforming from metal macros based
templates to viewlets, pagelets, layout templates and content templates
(the Z3C way of doing it). 

All this looks very nice! But there is one new kid on the block that I
don't grasp: z3c.macroviewlets.

I do understand that I can use the ZCML directive to extract a viewlet
from a defined macro in a page template, but is'nt this exactly the same
I can archive with z3c.template? 

The only difference I can see is that with z3c.template I will need two
directives to archive this; one for the viewlet (e.g. <browser:viewlet
... ) and one for the template (e.g. <z3c.template ... ). With
z3c.macroviewlet I can do the same with one directive (e.g.
<z3c.macroViewlet ... )

So in which use cases are z3c.macroviewlet the best option?

Best regards,


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