[Zope3-Users] When should I use z3c.macroviewlet?

Andreas Johnsen andreas.johnsen at bouvet.no
Wed Feb 27 07:09:08 EST 2008

Thanks for a quick answer.

> > 
> > So in which use cases are z3c.macroviewlet the best option?
> The idea behind the macroviewlet is the option to let you 
> define only one page template. The macroviewlet allows you to 
> register snippets from this template and the same template 
> could be used as layout template. This means you could really 
> support an XHTML template with the full layout including all 
> viewlets in it.
> The main goal was to use the nice templates from the graphic 
> desingers without any additional templates. 

It's more or less the same goal I want to achieve, but I thought I could
do the same with z3c.template (and the browser:viewlet directive).
Similar to the way z3c.template can be used to extract a snippet
(defined by a macro) from a page template for a pagelet. 

But that may not be the case and that's why a package like
z3c.macroviewlet has been made.


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