[Zope3-Users] Is ZAM suitable for a new application?

Paul Carduner paulcarduner at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 12:22:18 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Junyong Pan <panjy at zopen.cn> wrote:
> I found zam has very nice interface. And it's pluggable structure is
> quite flexible.
> I wan't to use it for my new application. But I don't know if zam is
> created for this purpose.
> Can anyone talk more about ZAM? When ZAM is mature, what will it
> influence the zope world? For example, will most prodcuts be released
> as installable zamplugins, Just like what Plone products like?
> I found so few information about zam. It really need more documentations.
> Thanks.

Roger Ineichen can give you the best response to this question.  ZAM
stands for Zope Application Management.  I wouldn't use it as the
basis for your application, however I have been using it quite
successfully as the "administrative" side of a web application.  This
includes things like browsing the object hierarchy, viewing error
logs, managing the server process, and some other basic tasks that
were provided by the Rotterdam skin.  ZAM provides the functionality
that just about every website needs, but which you rarely want to
expose to end users.  As I see it, ZAM is just a zope component which
you can use in your web application for common administrative tasks -
it is not a platform in the same way Zope 2 is.  I hope that was
somewhat helpful.

Paul Carduner

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