[Zope3-Users] How to configure zope to map ~foo to foo/public_html?

Philip Johnson johnson at hawaii.edu
Wed Jun 4 16:21:02 EDT 2008


I am a Plone/Zope newbie who is redesigning my old traditional 
apache-style website to use Plone 3/Zope 3.  This has been a 
delightful process in general.

Though I am content to have most of my old URLs become invalid, I 
would like to retain my current user directories.

Is there some simple way to configure Zope such that URLs like 
http://www.example.org/~foo/index.html are mapped to the user foo's 
public_html/index.html file?

I have spent about an hour googling around and remain confused.

Thanks in advance for your help!
Philip Johnson

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