[Zope3-Users] Software developer for a Zope3 project needed

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
Tue May 13 06:18:47 EDT 2008

We are currently looking out for a Zope3/Python developer for an interesting 
project lasting approx. 30 to 35 days. I can't give exact details yet, but 
the following profile should be met:

- High Zope3 skills - the project is 100% based on Zope3 technology, moreover, 
the project may include Zope3 enhancements that should find it's way into the 
Zope3 SVN, therefore involvement in the Zope3 community is a clear advantage.
- Good Python and HTML knowledge

The following points would be an advantage:

- z3c.form/pagelet knowhow as our project is based on these packages
- Knowledge about mobile-phone development (XHTML MP) and CSS
- German speaking
- The project can probably not be done from remote, personal presence will be 
required. Our location is near Vienna (Austria/Europe), so if you are located 
near us, things are a lot simpler. 

The exact schedule is not yet planned, but will be somewhere in june to 

Please contact me, if you interested or want to know further details!

Best Regards,

hermann at qwer.tk
GPG key ID: 299893C7 (on keyservers)
FP: 0124 2584 8809 EF2A DBF9  4902 64B4 D16B 2998 93C7

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