[Zope3-Users] zc.async in Zope2/Plone

Gary Poster gary at modernsongs.com
Wed Sep 10 15:45:27 EDT 2008

On Sep 10, 2008, at 2:55 PM, Santiago Videla wrote:

> Hi people,


> I want to use zc.async in  a Zope2/Plone web app. The problem that I  
> found it's that zc.async requires zope.testing.
> When I run buildout it seems that zope.testing overwrite the testing  
> module from zope2 (instance/lib/python/zope/testing) and when I try  
> to run my automated tests I get an error in testrunner.py about  
> 'other' attribute

That's a shame.  Could it be that, if you specify a version of  
zope.testing in your setup.py that is equivalent to the version of  
zope.testing in your Plone app, the overwriting happens but without  
ill effects?  I bet that would work.

> The questions are:
> * it's possible to run zc.async over Zope2 ?

I sure hope so.  I intend it to be. :-)

> I think it is, in fact, I have it running (I think),


> but the tests get broken as I said

Mm. :-(

> * How can I solve this problem?? There is any way to say in the  
> buildout.cfg: "Ignore the zope.testing package"

Not at the moment.  I have been following the ZC opinion--brought  
about by pain, not theory, BTW--that test dependencies should be  
included as primary dependencies.

However, your story seems like a reason to divide up the requirements,  
especially if my first suggestion doesn't work for you.  Maybe I'll do  
that for the next release (1.5.0) which I hope/intend to make in the  
next 7 days.

If that's not soon enough, you could make a local release for  
yourself, as you mention below, that divides out or removes the  

>    I guess that I won't be able to run the tests for zc.async, but I  
> can live with that...

Right.  It's a shame and an annoyance, but not necessarily a show- 

> * If I find a way to remove zope.testing, (downloading the source  
> and removing that requirement, I know it's ugly) could that get me  
> into troubles ??

I don't believe so.  Though there are no automated tests to guarantee  
that, of course. :-)

> * Could zope.testing be require for something else than tests over  
> zc.async and it's dependecies??

That is not the intent.

So, to repeat, I *want* it to work (easily!) in Zope 2/Plone.  I think  
your best solution is to see if you can pin the zope.testing egg to  
the same version that your Zope 2/Plone app currently uses, and see if  
it works.  If that fails, let me know.


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