[Zope3-Users] Z3ext 1.0 Beta3 Released

Nikolay Kim fafhrd91 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 01:36:46 EDT 2009

The Z3ext Team has release Beta3 of a Zope3 based Content Management  
and Social Collaboration Application. Z3ext is a Open Source (License  
ZPL) and includes:

Intelligent Content Spaces - Similar to Clearspace by Jive Software
Member Management including Support for Groups and Companies
Member Blogs
Group and Content Space Blogs
Document Management with Revision Tracking
Portlet Management
Project Management
Common Content Types (Files, Images, Documents, Folders, News, Events)
Activity Subystem to Track Activity by User
Tagging System
Discussion Forums

Z3ext is now being used for a large customer in New York City and on  
September 1st two new customers will announce their adoption of the  

New Features included in this release include:

1) Caching subsystem
2) Content revisions
3) Mail in/out for blogger, forum
4) Mail notifications for different actions in portal
5) New packages: Wiki, Project, Group
6) Memcached session
7) principals ban list
8) Chameleon templates
and much more...

But most important is API/Feature Freeze!!!

Z3ext is now ready to be downloaded and used to develop new social  
collaboration and content management sites.  Developers are encouraged  
to participate in adding new features.


Build z3ext homesite locally
svn co https://z3ext.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/z3ext/instances/z3extnet/trunk 
cd z3extnet
python2.5 ./bootstrap.py
./bin/instance fg

You can access site:
Default login/password for new instance: Manager/password

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