[ZPT] METAL changes in SPT 1.4.1 has broken my ZPT...

Tony McDonald tony.mcdonald@ncl.ac.uk
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:53:09 +0100

On 16/10/01 3:18 pm, "Evan Simpson" <evan@zope.com> wrote:

> Tony McDonald wrote:
>> In my standard_look_and_feel, I have the following;
>>     <div metal:define-slot="main">
>>      If you supply a tag with a 'fill-slot="main"' attribute
>>      when using this macro, that tag will replace this text.
>> This is the main block. It contains everything.
>>      </div>
>> And 
>> <body define-macro="body" ...
>> So, does that mean I need to change my <div metal:define-slot="main"> to be
>> <div metal:define-macro="main"> - nope, that didn't work.
>> The error message says fill-slot must be within a use-macro, but isn't my
>> <html use-macro ...> enclosing *both* the <body metal:fill-slot="body"> and
>> <div metal:fill-slot="main"> tags?
> Your intent isn't at all clear to me.  Presumably, the use-macro on 'html'
> matches a define-macro on 'html' in standard_look_and_feel, and the
> fill-slot on 'body' similarly matches a define-slot.  So far so good.
> Now, is the 'div' define-slot inside of the 'body'?  That would be an error,
> since it makes no sense to define a slot inside of a slot.  Is there another
> macro definition involved here somewhere?

A *huge* light has gone on here in Newcassle. I had removed the
<body metal:fill-slot="body"> metal definition beforehand, ie
And found that that made the PT work again, but I wasn't sure quite why that
had fixed it.

I had no idea that a slot within a slot was bad news, so many thanks for
pointing this out Evan (I will update my mini-METAL HowTo later on and tell
the list).

> Perhaps you can show me standard_look_and_feel and this other page, stripped
> down to only tags that have METAL markup?

No need now thanks, everything is working again, and besides, my ZPT is too
awful to show the outside world ;).

Cheers Evan,
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