[ZPT] Seeing &lt;IMG&gt; rather than <IMG> ???

Brian Withun brianw@hilgraeve.com
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 18:27:24 -0400

I am trying to display photos (Photo product 1.2.0) using page templates,
but I'm still kinda new at this.

I am using a master page template (does it matter?) which defines a slot
that I'm filling according to the
code below:

        <td valign=top metal:fill-slot="content">
          <p tal:repeat="item python: container.objectValues(['Photo'])">
            <span tal:replace="repeat/item/number"/>)
            <span tal:replace="item/meta_type"/>:
            <span tal:replace="python: item.tag(display='thumbnail')"/>:
            <b><span tal:replace="item/id"/></b>

What I'm ultimately getting is a page showing the HTML image tag itself, not
the actual image

The HTML source shows

&lt;img src="http://abc.com/photos/serene.jpg?display=thumbnail" height="96"
width="128" /&gt;

rather than

<img src="http://abc.com/photos/serene.jpg?display=thumbnail" height="96"
width="128" />

I have tried this, but it's the same effect:

  <span tal:replace="item/tag"/>:

Server Info: Zope 2.3.2 (source release, python 1.5.2, linux2)

Thanks for any help!

Brian Withun