[ZPT] Re: sql not that persistent

Michal Kurowski michal@genesilico.pl
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 15:40:05 +0200

Joel Burton [joel@joelburton.com] wrote:

> Perhaps it's just me, but I don't understand your question.

OK, I will try to rephrase it once again.

> ZSQLMethods are cacheable. If you call them with the same parameters, they
> can give you
> cached data rather than looking it up in the database. This only works for
> calls on the same ZSQLMethod with the same parameters, though -- you mention
> "very similar" sql methods.

It's not about caching. It's about sql results objects themselves.

> Can you try to restate your problem more clearly? While it's nice that you
> provide some sample code, it's not clear what the ZSQLMethods in the code
> are, or what the problem is.

Here we go:

  sql method iterated on five tables ( some scripts involved etc)
  zpt: tal:repeat on each of the tables
  zpt: tal:repeat on rows from those tables
  zpt: link to a script
  script: performing an action on fields from that second iteration
	  and trying to access values from the first iteration

As I said: I can access the values (from the "second iteration") 
directly through parameters but I still have to do some sql 
in the script later on.

My question is: how would I access the sql results objects on
the "level below" ?

Michal Kurowski