[ZPT] Fwd: Re: sql not that persistent

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 26 Jul 2002 21:07:51 +0200

Michal Kurowski writes:
 > ...
 >  sql method iterated on five tables ( some scripts involved etc)
 >                 |         
 > 		\|/
 >  zpt: tal:repeat on each of the tables
 > 		 |
 > 		\|/
 >  zpt: tal:repeat on rows from those tables
 > 		 |
 > 		\|/
 >  zpt: link to a script
 > 		 |
 > 		\|/
 >  script: performing an action on fields from that second iteration
 > 	  and trying to access values from the first iteration
 > As I said: I can access the values (from the "second iteration") 
 > directly through parameters but I still have to do some sql 
 > in the script later on.
Z SQL results live as long as they are referenced.
They disappear at least when the request is finished.

You can bind them to names:

    <dtml-let my_result=sql_result>...</dtml-let> (DTML)


    <... tal:define="[global] my_result here/sql_result">... (ZPT)

or put them into the request object

   "REQUEST.set('my_result', sql_result())" (DTML, similar for ZPT).

You can pass them via "REQUEST" or explicit parameters or
(for DTML callees) the namespace into called scripts.