[ZPT] discrepency in TALES spec

Fergal Daly fergal@esatclear.ie
Mon, 7 Apr 2003 17:17:52 +0100

The TALES wiki and the Zope book both say

A path expression consists of one or more paths separated by vertical bar=
(|). A path consists of one or more non-empty strings separated by slashe=
The first string must be a variable name (built-in variable or a user def=
variable), and the remaining strings, the path segments, may contain lett=
digits, spaces, and the punctuation characters underscore, dash, period,=20
comma, and tilde.

This means that=20

string:Anonymous Coward

is not a legal Path, so

request/name | string:Anonymous Coward

is not a legal Path Expression.

One way to fix this is to define an expression as

Expression: expr_segment [ '|' expr_segment ]*

where expression segment is any of path expression, string expression, no=
expression, etc.

Is this the way it works anyway?

By the way, I tried to post this as a comment on


but I got a screenful of HTML source code which mentioned something about=
not being logged in, even though I was,