[ZPT] (no subject)

Jim Greer jgreer@viabridge.com
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 11:01:19 -0500


Disclaimer: I'm a recent ZPT convert.  I seek the validation of one of
my observations and advice as to whether I am doing something 'the ZPT

I am constructing several dynamic forms using ZPT.  Much of the dynamic
content in the form is database-driven; a have a set of ZSQLMethods that
provide the necessary set of values.  These SQL queries require
parameters.  In order to provide values to the query, I've had to do
something a bit odd, and I want to make sure I'm not needlessly
complicating things.  An example:

1    <body
2       tal:define=
3       "l_collaboration here/collaboration;
4       q_clbr_id
5       l_clbr_id q_clbr_id/clbr_id;

[ I've provided line numbers for reference. ]

Three points about the above:
I) I've defined a new variable, l_collaboration, based on an acquired
value.  I've done this because I couldn't get a direct use of the value
as a query parameter to work.  That is, use of "here/collaboration"
instead of "l_collaboration" in line 4 did not work.  Should this be?

II) In 4, I use [0] to get the first (and what should be only) member of
the rowset.  I've seen this idiom referenced elsewhere on this list.

III) In 5, I extract the column of interest from the row.

Wordy?  Yes.  Sufficient?  Apparently so.  Necessary?  You tell me.

Critique away,
Jim Greer