[ZPT] TAL generating invalid HTML

Jean Jordaan jean at upfrontsystems.co.za
Fri Apr 25 12:39:50 EDT 2003

Hi there ..

I just noticed that TAL can generate invalid HTML. This snippet
correctly raises an error::

   <input tal:attributes="value request/user/id"
          type="checkbox" name="creator">created by me</input>

It results in:

A problem occurred in your template "issue.search".
Compilation failed
roundup.cgi.TAL.HTMLTALParser.EmptyTagError: Close tag </input> should 
be removed, at line 89, column 54

However, this snippet::

   <input tal:repeat="s db/user/list"
          tal:attributes="value s/username"
          type="checkbox" name="creator"/>

incorrectly generates this::

   <input type="checkbox" name="creator" value="jean">jean</input>

while for INPUT the spec says: "Start tag: required, End tag: forbidden"

Jean Jordaan

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