Jim Fulton jim@zope.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 13:57:21 -0500

Evan Simpson wrote:
> Florent Guillaume wrote:
>> How would you do the following in TALES?
>>     python:here.foo(1,2,3) | python:here.bar(4,5)
> Ooh, tricky.  I can only think of two ways, and one is undocumented. 
> First, if you could factor "here.foo(1,2,3)" into a Script, you could use:
> here/foo123 | python:here.bar(4,5)

I'm surprised you can have a tales expression after the "|".

> If you're willing to use an undocumented expression type that could go 
> away in the future, try:
> tal:define="foo123 defer:python:here.foo(1,2,3);
>             result foo123 | python:here.bar(4,5)"

I think that this is a bad idea, especially since you didn't
even say what "defer" does, which, I guess, is in keeping with
it's undocumentedness. :)

I also didn't think that "|" caught *all* exceptions. Does it?

I think the right answer to this question is to write a Python script
that does:

      return here.foo(1,2,3)
   except something:
      return here.bar(4,5)

and call the script from tal.


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