[ZPT] tal:repeat and variables

Troy Farrell troy@entheossoft.com
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 01:11:58 -0600

Clemens Robbenhaar wrote:
 > <snip>
>  I don't think there is a better way. The tal:repeat is just designed in
> a way that all elements in a repeat are rendered nearly independent of
> each other. 
>  Despite it is actually presentation logic and not application logic, I
> would tend to filter the result set through a python script, replacing
> the unwanted entries by empty strings. I did not work with SQL result
> sequences, but I guess one maybe has to make a copy of the result
> sequence, as the original sequence may be immutable.

I'd have to agree: this is a job for a python script.  I would make a 
dictionary of tuples (or lists) like this:

{'Computers': ('John','Dilvert','Smith')
,'Software': ('Peter','Mary',)

   <span tal:omit-tag=""
         tal:repeat="k python:data.keys()">
     <tr tal:repeat="d data[k]">
       <td tal:content="k"
       <td tal:content="d">

The code is untested, but I hope that helps you out...